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  BizBites Technologies Pvt Ltd.,
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We are an established Business Intelligence solutions provider helping companies:
+   Maximise their potential by fully utilising their data and information.
Enable employees’ access to business information from any location in the world using web technologies.
+   Develop systems and applications that meet specific needs of their business.
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+   Deliver stable, scalable and long-term solutions that enable organisations to harness their existing resources to the maximum potential.
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Our expertise is in developing custom solutions keeping our customer's needs at the forefront of any technology driven solution.
Our solutions are based on the latest technology platforms. Our expertise is in the Microsoft domain involving:
+ Win 32 programming languages such as ASP, C# &VB.
+   Managed platform capability with Microsoft. Net frame work 1.x to 3.x, ASP.Net, Web Services,
XML & extJS.
+ WCF, WPF & Silverlight.
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Our ability to realise value for our customers is based on a sound understanding and implementation of Enterprise Applications. Our constant improvement of the development model is based on our deep understanding of:
+ Adaptive systems
+ Domain driven designs &
+ Model driven architecture
Based on the nature of each client's requirement we follow either an Agile (iterative) or a Waterfall development cycle.
Our team has close to 200 man years of experience in designing solutions for:
Laboratories (Pharmaceutical or Biological)
Asset Mapping and Maintenance Systems
ERP Systems
Market Intelligence Systems
Human Resource Management Systems
QHSE Management Systems
+ Information Management (IM)
+ IM Consultancy
+ Knowledge Management (KM)
+ KM Consultancy
+ Information Technology (IT)
+ Bespoke Application Development
+ ERP & Business Process Automation
+ Workflow Management
+ Business Intelligence (BI)
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